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Web App Thingy Contest

44883894I want to thank Jared Spool and UIE for running their naming contest, and also congratulate Ilona Posner for submitting the winning name:

The UIE Web App Masters Tour

Also, thanks for sharing your selection process, Jared. I’m sure the conference will be as fun and engaging as the naming contest!

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UX Garbage Pail Kids

GPK UXAustin Govella expressed his need on Twitter, mentioning himself, @livlab, @russu, @maadonna, @semanticwill, @jonesabi, @docbaty, @gsmith and @cb. Always ready to meet the needs of a user, I decided it would be a good excuse to dig out my old GPK collection (yeah, I still have my cards — that’s how I roll!), find matching cards, scan them, update them, and post them. While I was at it, I added @elreiss, @nickf, @theguigirl, @fred_beecher, @ellieoc, @uxcrank, @mediajunkie, @andrewmaier, and @jmspool. I’m glad you guys enjoyed ‘em! Also, I tried not to play favorites in my selection — some of you just have better GPK-able names.

Now I’m just waiting to get a cease and desist letter from Topps. (No harm meant guys, really!)

Check out the full sized cards.

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@jmspool: What Makes a Design Seem Intuitive?

Users eventually die.Jared Spool (or @jmspool if you prefer), gave an excellent presentation at Refresh Seattle this weekend.

While his pants didn’t talk, he did show us where design happens, the power of Word 2003, and how to dispose of our excess hay.

Better yet: ”The best thing about users is they eventually die.”

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talking pantz


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