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UX Garbage Pail Kids

GPK UXAustin Govella expressed his need on Twitter, mentioning himself, @livlab, @russu, @maadonna, @semanticwill, @jonesabi, @docbaty, @gsmith and @cb. Always ready to meet the needs of a user, I decided it would be a good excuse to dig out my old GPK collection (yeah, I still have my cards — that’s how I roll!), find matching cards, scan them, update them, and post them. While I was at it, I added @elreiss, @nickf, @theguigirl, @fred_beecher, @ellieoc, @uxcrank, @mediajunkie, @andrewmaier, and @jmspool. I’m glad you guys enjoyed ‘em! Also, I tried not to play favorites in my selection — some of you just have better GPK-able names.

Now I’m just waiting to get a cease and desist letter from Topps. (No harm meant guys, really!)

Check out the full sized cards.

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at ur conferenz stealing ur barbiez

Eric Reiss and Lantzilla with Elvis Barbies

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in ur conferenz defining ur termz


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