I’m an aspiring information architect user experience designer.

I often think of crazy shit that doesn’t belong on a professional blog.  This is not a professional blog.  So expect to find all sorts of random crap here related to information science, information architecture, user experience, usability, library science, etc.

You might laugh.  You might be offended.  You might not care.  Or perhaps this will be an engaging experience that will help shape humanity itself!


Posted Friday, March 27th, 2009 under crap.
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  1. I just found your site. I think I love you. Epic.

  2. Dan Willis says:

    I epic you too, dude.

  3. Thanks guys! Hoping to see more UX Crank some day too. :-)

  4. Dan Willis says:

    Me too. When is that dude going to get off his ass and … oh wait.