One of my peeps did a talk on art…

…and I heard it was wonderful, right from the start.
But busy with work, and not in London to see,
I had to wait ’til today, for streaming to me.

The Twitters were right, it was full of win,
and the Livestream was good, though stuck in…
…a much larger video — a pain in the ass!
So I ripped it and saved it to share with the class.

Now you can watch: I’ve posted the link.
It’s really nice, and promotes a good think.
Details linked too, if you want to know,
But you should really just go and enjoy the show.

Watch Tim Caynes from the Dare 2013 Livestream
…or read his thoughts and transcript of the talk.

Posted Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 under video.
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