GIANT 2014

…because a rad conference should have a rad promo video!

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One of my peeps did a talk on art…

…and I heard it was wonderful, right from the start.
But busy with work, and not in London to see,
I had to wait ’til today, for streaming to me.

The Twitters were right, it was full of win,
and the Livestream was good, though stuck in…
…a much larger video — a pain in the ass!
So I ripped it and saved it to share with the class.

Now you can watch: I’ve posted the link.
It’s really nice, and promotes a good think.
Details linked too, if you want to know,
But you should really just go and enjoy the show.

Watch Tim Caynes from the Dare 2013 Livestream
…or read his thoughts and transcript of the talk.

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What’s the IA Summit?

Will you be there next week?

I’m looking forward to meeting you! :-)

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IA Summit Love

iasummitlove As most of you probably know, today is the last day to submit an entry for the “iasummitlove” contest.

My main entry is a video, but I posted a picture too. Although the contest is taking place in Flickr-land, my video is also available on YouTube.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at the IA Summit this year!

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Web App Thingy Contest

44883894I want to thank Jared Spool and UIE for running their naming contest, and also congratulate Ilona Posner for submitting the winning name:

The UIE Web App Masters Tour

Also, thanks for sharing your selection process, Jared. I’m sure the conference will be as fun and engaging as the naming contest!

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Pimpformation in Teaching

What's wrong with information architecture?I was honored to discover that Dan Klyn used one of my previous posts in a presentation for his SI 658 Information Architecture course.

I’ve been enjoying his slides and video captures for a while now, but I never expected to be shaping impressionable minds! Thanks Dan, and hello class of SI 658! Good luck on those IA IDOL projects! :-)

By the way Dan, I liked your JJG picture.

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InfoCamp 2009 Presentation

Last month, I gave a presentation at InfoCamp in Seattle. It’s a sort of case study of… me.

Whether you’d like to reminisce, find out a little about me, or just waste some time on SlideShare, you’ve come to the right place.

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UX Garbage Pail Kids

GPK UXAustin Govella expressed his need on Twitter, mentioning himself, @livlab, @russu, @maadonna, @semanticwill, @jonesabi, @docbaty, @gsmith and @cb. Always ready to meet the needs of a user, I decided it would be a good excuse to dig out my old GPK collection (yeah, I still have my cards — that’s how I roll!), find matching cards, scan them, update them, and post them. While I was at it, I added @elreiss, @nickf, @theguigirl, @fred_beecher, @ellieoc, @uxcrank, @mediajunkie, @andrewmaier, and @jmspool. I’m glad you guys enjoyed ‘em! Also, I tried not to play favorites in my selection — some of you just have better GPK-able names.

Now I’m just waiting to get a cease and desist letter from Topps. (No harm meant guys, really!)

Check out the full sized cards.

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2009-2011 IAI Board of Directors

IAI Candidates 2009 CursebirdHere’s your final reminder to vote for the IAI Candidates running for the 3 seats available for the Board of Directors.

You’ve read their statements. A few of you may have heard them speak at a conference, worked with them, or partied with their crews.

But what if you haven’t voted yet and you are yearning for more facts? Click the image and be satisfied.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that Jonell Gades keeps her twitter feed private, and thus the bird could not evaluate her.

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@jmspool: What Makes a Design Seem Intuitive?

Users eventually die.Jared Spool (or @jmspool if you prefer), gave an excellent presentation at Refresh Seattle this weekend.

While his pants didn’t talk, he did show us where design happens, the power of Word 2003, and how to dispose of our excess hay.

Better yet: ”The best thing about users is they eventually die.”

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